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Hello Neighbor Review: Stay Invisible

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Hello Neighbor is a survival stealth game published by tinyBuild. The release date is December 2017. Hello Neighbor game was developed by Dynamic Pixels. This stealth game aims you to survive in the neighbor's house and solve different puzzles. The latest update includes only a single-player mode. Hello Neighbor coming out Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. Download Hello Neighbor today.

Graphics: 5

The initial game’s review showed that the game has high-quality graphics. It is made in a cartoon-like style, but all objects have all the necessary details. As the game has several horror elements, it is very important to have good animations and effects without bugs and delays. During the Hello Neighbor review, we did not notice any problems related to it. The graphics really help to immerse the game and create a suitable mood.

Gameplay: 5

You play the character that was noticed that one of his neighbors was behaving in a strange and paranoid manner. Once upon a time, he even heard the mysterious noise from his house. The protagonist decided to uncover the secrets that the neighbor is trying to hide. His task is to break into this scary house and go to the basement. Maybe he could find some answers there? But it is not easy to do. The house has a lot of traps.

Moreover, the developers integrated a special AI system to the game that remembers your previous actions and setting up new traps that followed your unsuccessful attempts to break into the basement. Another problem is the neighbor. Anytime, he can come back home and find you inside. Hello Neighbor gameplay makes you use all your creative and survival powers to reveal the secrets.

You play the game in a first-person perspective and only in a single-player mode. During the journey, you can collect different items and use them later to solve the puzzles.

Controls: 5

Hello Neighbor full game can be played on the computer and on the mobile device. In the second case, you just need to use your finger and a touchscreen to navigate the character. If you play on the computer, you can use a mouse and a keyboard. To tell the truth, it is much easier. The movement buttons are W, A, S, D. To use the object — left-click on the mouse, and to throw the item — you need to right-click. As you can see there are similar control patterns as the most games use.

Replay Value: 3

The game is very interesting to play for the first time. But once you finish the game and reveal all the secrets, you can lose interest. Why? You know all the traps, you know how to break into the house, and the most important, you know the places where the neighbor was trying to hide. Also, the game does not have a multiplayer mode to play with your friends or other people from different parts of the world.


Hello Neighbor is an attractive stealth game with excellent visuals and incredible animations. It has an intriguing plot. Moreover, the AI system that remembers your previous paths adds even more difficulty to the game. Hello Neighbor has high-quality audio and easy controls that are the same in most games. It makes you easier to remember. The title is relatively new: it was released only at the end of December, and the version for mobiles was launched in 2018.


Hello Neighbor is a stealth game that will boost your brain. Download Hello Neighbor on the computer or a mobile device..

Pros : The game available on the six platforms;
High-quality graphics and animations;
In-built AI system;
Intriguing plot.

Cons : It is not free of charge;
The replay value is low.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.5


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