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Tattletail Review: Searching for a Talking Toy

Tattletail is a short, story-driven first-person horror game so if you want to get some dread, you can download Tattletail right now. It was released in 2016. Updates are already available.

Graphics: 4

Though this is a rather simple game, it is really striking and even scaring. That particular design with dark corners at night, crazy Mama, and startled face of the main character makes a player feel a little bit terrified. There are sounds, which are produced in particular moments: when a flashlight is shaken when it dies, when it is active and shows Mama.

Gameplay: 5

The game is about a talking toy which was particularly popular in the '90s. So, you get your Tattletail, just five nights before Christmas and you are expected to take care of it. You should recharge, brush and feed Tattletail. When this monster does not get what it wants, it starts making a lot of noise. Thus, it can be heard by Mama which is looking for it and can attack a player. Creature disappears from its box every night. It is very important to find it until Christmas day, and that is not a simple task because there is someone who prevents him from succeeding. Do not allow Mama to find a creature before!

Player is equipped with a shake flashlight allowing him to navigate in darkness when he is looking for the toy. Doing all this, it is vital to avoid disturbing Mama, because, if she wakes up, you will have real problems. Moreover, if the light is directed at Mama, it can be killed by her. Within this context, a player also should collect 22 eggs. Isn't an everyday task?!

Controls: 4

Convenient controls will help you to survive at night. First, you can add some brightness to the images to make searching easier. But you shouldn’t if you want to enjoy that darkness to the full extent. In order to use a single tool which a player has – a flashlight, you are to click a correspondent button of a mouse repeatedly so that the light prevents the main character from getting lost and making a lot of noise.

Replay Value: 2

Though, the game will certainly engage you, as far as it is a nice little horror one, you hardly find a lot of replay value here. When you get the result, there is no desire to play again, because it is boring. Still, you have 12 endings, but this is almost nothing comparing with other games.

The Bottom Line

This Tattletail review does not include the description of each night which a player has to overcome. You have to know about the trials and surprises which wait for you at every step you make when playing the game.



Download Tattletail, play it with pleasure and do not answer the phone if you are focused on the success providing you with a golden flashlight – the prize for a winner..

Pros : Music helps to understand the surrounding.
Simple rules for unlocking achievements.
There are tips.

Cons : No guide for eggs.
Lack of challenges and variations.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 2

Average : 3.8

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