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Tasty Planet Forever Review: Calm Down Appetite

This platform video game was released in 1988. Can you imagine that nowadays plenty of players still download Tasty Planet Forever playing it with abandon and enjoying this retro character?

Graphics: 4

Graphics are simple and bright. Creatures, animals, fish are animated and fun. Mechanics is simple. The game is very dynamic requiring a player to be a step ahead looking for a new meal. Character is able to gobble up without stopping in order to get even more points. We cannot say that all images, which you see here, are very detailed and made very well but in general, playing is amazing.

Gameplay: 5

Here you have a fun character - a small cat which eats everything he sees and still remains hungry. His menu is diverse: rats and people, trees and constructions. Almost everything in Paris is in danger. So, your task is to eat all that you find in the streets of this city and then you are allowed to satiate appetite in other places using other various creatures, like an angry octopus in Caribbean, a rat in the savanna, bee in Devour, shark in the Pacific Ocean and others. There are even eight bonus characters, which should be earned.

Here you will get almost 200 levels and hundreds of variants. A lot of characters which can be managed and different stories to make you even more interested in the events. So, if you want to grow bigger, eat all that you see around the character and win in this game.

All those simple actions, still attract a lot of followers and a month after the game was released it ranked more than a million downloads. The game will be interesting for people of different ages.

Controls: 4

Purpose of this game is to eat everything but to stay alive, meaning that at the beginning a creature is small yet that is why it can suffer from some obstacles. In order to succeed in completing the level, you can apply a set of controls which are easy enough. You hardly need any tutorial. You are expected to tap on the screen in the place where a cat should appear and eat. Later, you will start getting a notification that there is something eatable near.

Replay Value: 5

The game is highly addictive and offers a lot of challenges. You should earn as many stars as possible, saving coins for various new worlds. In order to complete the game, you will need a strategic approach and the ability to react fast. So, you can go through the various stages several times with interest and unlock all that you can and that you missed when playing for the first time.


In this review, Tasty Planet Forever is represented as a fun game with a crazy cat which eats everything and anything without a pause. In fact, this is an action game with a unique plot. It was developed by Dingo Games.



Download Tasty Planet Forever and you will see how your character can grow eating all it meets on his way..

Pros : Video adds bring extra coins.
Wide variety of challenges.
Guide with tips.

Cons : Can be a little bit exhausting;
The plot is not complicated.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5

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