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Slime Rancher Honest Review

With Slime Rancher, you experience an adorable world far away from the planet Earth. The first person game boasts of oodles of cute characters and an addictive gameplay.

Graphics: 4

The graphics quality of the game is decent but colorful. The environment of the game and the characters in it are known for their cartoonish look. There are other elements such as the Coral machines, the cage-like-structures for the slimes, the rock, carrots, etc. which are all precisely crafted. Further, the game has both the day mode and the night mode for the gamers to experience.

Gameplay: 5

The Slime Rancher game is a delightful and appealing game that attracts and hold many gamers onto it. You play this game as Beatrix LeBeau who is a young rancher who sets out for a life many light years away from Earth.

As you slime ranch, you come across new difficulties and challenges every single day. In the gameplay, you are supposed to catch colorful slimes from different parts of the arena and bring them together at one place. Other than the slimes, you are even supposed to collect other things such as rocks, carrots, etc. Apart from merely collecting something, you can grow crops, harvest resources, and even explore the untamed wilds for a thrilling adventure.

You do all the collecting stuff with the help of your vacuum backpack or the VacPack. Because it can hold only a few items at a time, you have to frequently go to your ranch to unload what you have already collected.

There are different types of slimes in the game and once collected, they can be combined or evolved with the help of ‘plorts’ from other slimes.

Controls: 4.5

The control options of the game Slime Rancher are the easiest ones. Because the game is compatible with a desktop system, you can move the character with the help of arrow keys or the WASD keys. To change the direction, you can simply rotate your mouse in any direction you want. To collect the slimes, all you need to do is to press and hold the left mouse button. You can assign different buttons too to change the control settings.

Replay Value: 4.5

The game is known for its positivity and a myriad of colors. And both these traits attract players to replay it again and again. However, having mentioned that, the game sometimes become monotonous too. But the introduction of new slimes and new challenges break the monotony soon again. Though there are many slimes, finding the rare and special types of slimes i.e. Gold, Largos, Gordos and Lucky make the player return to the game again, thereby, increasing the replay value by several notches.


If a jolly-genre game is what you are looking forward to playing, then Slime Rancher is the game that is sure to end your search. Decent graphics, amazing soundtracks, and a brilliant gameplay combine together to make this game quite a popular one among the gaming community. The controls are easy to understand and so is the gameplay. Be a part of an adorable gaming experience only with Slime Rancher.


Ranch the slimes and experience a jolly-natured gameplay with this beautifully designed and conceptualized game – Slime Rancher..

Pros : Light Game with Interesting Storyline
Works Well Even on Low Specifications

Cons : Escaping of Slimes and Babysitting Annoy the Gamers

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.5

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