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Secret Neighbor Review: One of You Will Betray Us

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Professional Review

Secret Neighbor is an online multiplayer game based on the famous Hello Neighbor. This time a group of kids tries to invade the neighbor’s basement. Little do they know: one of them is not who they think. Download Secret Neighbor and play this spy horror with friends!

Graphics: 5

As the game has been developed by the same studio as the origin, the visuals don’t just resemble the original Hello Neighbor: they copy it. It’s still a first-person 3D adventure, drawn in a rough juicy manner, and the game looks like a scary comic book, with no ambition of being realistic. On the other hand, it only needs 5GB of your storage, and the other system requirements are quite moderate.

Gameplay: 5

The game is an interquel; it takes place some day between Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Hello Neighbor. A party of six kids enters the sinister neighbor’s house in order to reach the basement and find the missing friend they suspect is kept there. The problem is that one of the parties is the Neighbor himself, suddenly efficiently masked.

Each kid has his or her unique abilities that help them find and use the keys necessary to proceed. The number of keys can be set in the server settings. There are six classes for Kids: Leader, Brave, Detective, Bagger, Inventor, and Scout, with their own abilities. And each one will need a mic; the game is a team one, with communication critical for success.

If you play as the Neighbor, you start disguised as a kid like others. But you need to prevent others from reaching the basement, and you have terrible machines for that. Activate them to get new abilities. There are two classes for the Neighbor: the Scary Neighbor that looks like a kid, sets hunting traps all over the house, uses Rage to damage other players and protect himself, and looks scary. The Clown can turn into random objects, use the Smoke Bomb to blind the kids, or use Confusion to blind them for some time.

Controls: 5

It’s also similar to the original game. You navigate through the house with WASD and a mouse (or with a gamepad joysticks), and there are buttons for interacting with objects. The game is compatible with Xbox gamepads. If you have spent some time at the original, you will find Secret Neighbor familiar.

Replay Value: 5

It’s even more replayable than the original. Because of multiplayer interaction and the unpredictable way the others act, Secret Neighbor brings something new constantly. It will take a lot of time to try all the combinations and classes. In the meantime, tinyBuild releases new updates that make the game always new.

The Bottom Line

Check your microphone! Your team will need communication as you descend to the basement. It’s better to invite your friends to play it; at least, it will grant you no language gap. The price isn’t low, but it’s okay for such a game; there are also microtransactions, but they are not that necessary.


There are already over a million players, and new ones join. So when you download Secret Neighbor and join in, you’ll always find a good party!.

Pros : Multiplayer;
Familiar graphics and controls;
Immersive gameplay;
Asymmetric sides;
Moderate system requirements.

Cons : You may dislike the original style;
The game heavily relies on team voice communication.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0


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