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Rocket League PC Verison Review

In simple words, the Rocket League is a fusion of soccer and driving. It’s a sequel of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars which now comes with many more features, adventure, and thrill.

Graphics: 4.5

The graphics quality of the entire game is mind-blowing. The grand arenas, the shining cars, the design and tattoos on them, and of course, the giant shimmering ball all add up to the fun of playing Rocket League. The game comes with a glossy interface wherein most of its elements are either shining or flickering. The stadiums in the game, which flaunt their sophisticated design, are quite appealing too.

Gameplay: 5

The gameplay is basic and simple. There are players in their respective vehicles and they aim to score a goal with a giant metallic ball that is introduced in the field once the game starts. Though the gameplay may sound simple, playing it against others is not that easy as it seems and sounds. The game could accommodate 2 to 4 players easily by dividing the screen for all of them. Further, those looking forward to playing with more players can go online and connect with up to 8 players all at once. All these players can play at the same time and give a tight competition to others in order to score a goal.

Apart from merely playing the match, there are numerous other things one can undertake. One such thing is ornamenting and customizing the vehicle. There are new sets of wheels, stickers, designs, and decorative materials that can be used by the players to change the look of their cars. Above all, the dedicated servers make the online mode gameplay smooth and easy.

Controls: 4

There are many control options that one can use while playing the game. For instance, with the help of the arrow keys or WASD keys of the keyboard, one can control the direction of the vehicles. With the help of the mouse, you can keep an eye on the competitors by rotating your screen. Also, it’s with the mouse that you can undertake the customization of your vehicles.

Replay Value: 5

The game Rocket League has a high replay value owing to its adventurous gameplay, superb graphics, and amazing sound effects. Adding to the replay value is the online gaming mode which connects you with many players across the world. Other than the online mode, it’s the fun of challenging up to 4 friends for the game that gives the game a higher replay value.


If sports is your favorite genre in the gaming world, don’t miss Rocket League. A fusion of both soccer and driving, the game has plenty of exciting features that make you fall in love with the entire gameplay. The excitement level knows no bar when you are in a stadium and roaring your vehicle just at the center of it. The excitement of scoring a goal and the struggle to tackle the competitors make the game all the more fun.


Experience a futuristic sports game and get to play soccer in booster-rigged vehicles only in Rocket League..

Pros : Lots of Customization Options for the Vehicle
Online Mode to Compete with the Online Players
Replays with Fast Forward and Rewind Features

Cons : Players from Certain Countries i.e. China, Sudan, Syria, etc. Have Been Restricted to Connect Online with Others

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.6

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