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Guts and Glory Game Review

In the game of Guts and Glory, people involve in the extraordinary challenges of life and death. It is a racing game where everyone is trying to kill each other for victory.

Graphics: 4

The graphics of the game are quite simple. You might not get a WOW feel with the interface but a plenty of elements are sure to wonderstruck you. The rotating blades, the falling wooden logs, the brutality that takes place in the game are some of the things that can be seen clearly even with the game’s low-resolution graphics. Also, there are certain environments such as highways, woods, etc. where one can rejoice the gameplay of Guts and Glory.

Gameplay: 4.5

There is no one storyline that the game strictly adheres to. Guts and Glory is all about racing to the finishing line while the other competitors try to kill you. As you race, you come across spinning saw blades that you need to dodge, spikes that you need to avoid, explosives that you need to keep at bay, etc. All in all, there is a large number of hazards that you have to keep away as you race towards victory.

Have an amazing death trap or tactic in your mind? How about bringing the same to reality. The game Guts and Glory offers you an amazing level editor to create your own death traps. Turrets, physical blocks, ramps leading you to spikes, etc. are some of the elements that you get in the level editor. Just put your creativity and imagination to use and build a race level that you always wanted.

Controls: 4

The controls of the game are quite simple. However, it’s your spontaneity that is tested as you play this game. As you play the game, you can race with the help of the arrow keys. With the forward button, you accelerate and with the backward arrow key, you can apply brakes. With the help of left and right arrow keys, you can take turns. You can also assign a key that allows you to peek at your rear side.

Replay Value: 4.5

The game boasts of a high replay value. The various challenges and hurdles that one come across in the race encourage the gamers to return to the game more frequently. In fact, the level editor also contributes equally to the high replay value of Guts and Glory. Designing a level and placing the killer objects on the track hold the players for quite a long time.


If you love playing video games that are teeming with blood, revenge, and cruelty, Guts and Glory is the game for you. Enter into a world of racing where you either win or you die. With death traps everywhere on your track, it becomes quite difficult to move a single step ahead let along moving ahead at a great speed. But as the name suggests, all you need is guts to achieve the glory.


Branding the game Guts and Glory as the race of death won’t be untrue as it comes packed with a dangerous yet challenging gameplay..

Pros : Large Number of Vehicles to Choose From
Unique Hurdles and Challenges On the Race Track

Cons : Graphics Quality of the Game is Quite Low

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3

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